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Hello! I am a writer and a grown woman who lives in Brooklyn and on the internet. Nice to meet you.

    "After 40 years of impoverished black men getting prison time for selling weed, white men are planning to get rich doing the same things. So that’s why I think we have to start talking about reparations for the war on drugs. How do we repair the harms caused?"

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    Always reblog, because I’ve noticed the media salivating over all these *white* weed entrepreneurs for being so “ingenious” and “savvy businessmen”, while ignoring the the mostly Black, Brown and poor victims and survivors of Amerikkka’s “War On Drugs”, and the ongoing racist and classist injustices that keep locking away Black, Brown and poor people in masses while giving white people who commit the same offenses less or no jail time at all.

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    And it costs like $8,000 non-refundable application fee to even get started running a legal weed shop.

    WHO had access to that kinda money?


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    They Just Wanted to Leave a Mark →


    By Jessica Probus


    There’s a story behind this story, about why and how it gets told. There always is. The stories of our lives are an internal dialogue as much as external, about which parts we think deserve to be told and who deserves to hear it.

    One part of my story is this: I switched…

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    Watch Jessica Valenti in the documentary How to Lose Your Virginity streaming in July at

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    "It’s nice working with women, because you don’t have to do this loveable, soft version of what the female sex has to be. It also allows men to understand women, as opposed to them being something pink and fluffy. There’s a weird view of femininity we put into our culture that has nothing to do with the experience of being a woman."
    Keira Knightley on working with female directors, in UK’s Sunday Times via Indiewire
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    "The woman who doesn’t need validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet."
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Get ready to fall in love with one funny lady.


    Get ready to fall in love with one funny lady.

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    lmfaoo this shit is funny & important to watch

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    "Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know."
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    tumblr in a nutshell 

    tumblr in a nutshell 

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    This year I finally bought one of those mini souvenir Oscar statues that they sell all over Los Angeles. They’re fitted with witty, positively biting plaques such as “Best Stoner,” “Hottest Wife,” and “Coolest Cody,” (who the hell knows any cool “Codys,” let alone “Coolest”?). As truly…

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